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Cool Dad Job: Being Intense

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Finding a new universe to dominate.

The fact that Brolin remains beloved despite repeated attempts at mass murder is tribute to his cosmic charm. The man behind the big purple baddie, Thanos, he of the Marvel Universe-destroying Infinity Gauntlet, Brolin has been a staple of American films since The Goonies and a heavyweight since No Country for Old Men. Today, he balances playing future-shocked Cable in the Deadpool franchise (which is set to expand with X-Force) with an array of other roles, including Gurney Halleck in next year’s hotly anticipated Dune reboot from Denis Villeneuve. But the reformed bad boy isn’t always working. A father of two from his first marriage, Brolin recently had a third child with his wife, designer Katherine Boyd. “I will have lived a lifetime of children and that’s wonderful to me,” he says. “I don’t think we’re done.”