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Cool Dad Job: Point Guard, Inspiring Weirdo

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Joining forces with old teammate James Harden in Houston.

It’s easy to forget now, but there was a time when the idea of an NBA player averaging a triple-double was laughable. Westbrook did it for three straight years. Though he didn’t win any rings in that time — not that his accessory game isn’t admirable without them — Westbrook did become one of the most reliably entertaining athletes on Earth. He attacks the hoop like it said something about his mother. Now in Houston with fellow MVP, James Harden, Westbrook might have the chance to win. And you better believe that he’s preparing to take a run at the championship. Westbrook is not one to hold back. The only time his opponents don’t have to fear him is when he’s prepping for games with his son, Noah, a top-10 adorable NBA kid who will end up going in the first round if he has half his father’s skills.