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Cool Dad Job: Professional Surfer, Entrepreneur

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Trying to turn the World Surf League into the NFL on water.

The fact that Kelly Slater is still winning Pro Tours surprises no one. He’s the GOAT. He’s Tom Brady with a tan and superior facial symmetry (and without the goofball haircuts). Give him a board and he’s perfect — thus the 11 World Championships and the 55 tournaments. But 47-year-old Slater isn’t done disrupting his sport. Having perfected wave pool tech at his Surf Ranch that allows for competitors to hit consistent breaks, he’s pushing to build a billion-dollar surfing stadium in Australia, the first of its kind. If he succeeds, he’ll have changed his sport for ever. If he fails, well, he’ll still have changed his sport forever. In the meantime, he spends his days enjoying landlocked hangs with his 23-year-old daughter and his buddy Chris Hemsworth. He’s also coming up with new lines for his sustainable surf company, Outerknown.