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Cool Dad Job: Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans

Latest Cool Dad Accomplishment: Being the NFL’s most likable star.

People who care about football know that DeAndre Hopkins, Houston’s 27-year-old, 6-foot-1-inch WR1, has great hands, an amazing vertical, and the ability to find the end zone. Here’s what they don’t know: everything else about the guy. Hopkins is a low-key presence in professional football, the rare mega-talent that doesn’t beef or scandalize. Is he the best-dressed man in the game? Absolutely, but he looks good, not look-at-me. He is, in short, the anti-Antonio Brown, a guy who does back-to-school giveaways instead of spazzing out on Twitter. Could he pursue icon status? Sure, the guy is comically handsome. But he’s too busy playing football and taking care of his daughter. That’s more than enough.