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Cool Dad Job: Motocross Racer, Motorcycle Designer, CBD Entrepreneur

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Pissing off Instagram’s parenting police.

The first person to land a backflip on a 250cc motorcycle in competition, Hart is a specific kind of famous. He can walk around without attracting much attention — aside from the usual amount focused on handsome dudes — but the people who know who he is absolutely freak out. Why? He’s a motocross icon (the “Hart Attack,” an inverted Superman seat grab, was named after him) and Instagram mainstay. Hart, who is married to the singer Pink, often attracts criticism for letting his young children participate in dangerous activities, but he’s not thoughtless or cavalier. He just wants to give his children to have the kind of fun that has, in many ways, defined his personal and professional life. “People are taking so much away from their children by coddling them,” Hart says. “I don’t want to rob them of the amazing experiences I’ve had.” Lately, he’s been teaching his daughters, Willow, 8, and Jameson, 2, to shoot guns. It’s unusual, but not unsafe. Dad is right there with them.