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Cool Dad Job: Frontman, Podcaster

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Pulling off the indie rock tour of the year.

It’s been more than a decade since Vampire Weekend first burst on to the indie scene with Graceland-inspired tunes about Cape Cod, Peter Gabriel, and Oxford commas. But while most of the bands from that era have faded into obscurity, Vampire Weekend remains as beloved as ever, in large part thanks to Koenig, its slightly cool, slightly mysterious, and slightly nerdy frontman. In the wake of releasing the new album, Father of the Bride, Koenig has been ubiquitous. He’s got a podcast about life on the road running on The Ringer and all the merch that’s fit to push. It looks very much like he’s going to join Jeff Tweedy and Matt Berninger in the Dad Rock Hall of Fame, thanks to his son, Isaiah, with actor Rashida Jones.