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Cool Dad Job: Being Funny, Menschy

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Releasing The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, the strangest Netflix film ever made.

The Lonely Island has been crowded with fans for over a decade, ever since the trio, formed in Berkeley by Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone, broke on Saturday Night Live and into America’s hearts. Today, Schaffer, Samberg, and Taccone frequently work separately (Samberg, the most committed actor of the group, has wrapped Season 7 of Brooklyn 99) and unite occasionally. This year, the boys released a rap-based “visual poem” about Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the A’s 1989 championship season. Why? Because they could. The batshit result was incredibly memorable for two reasons. First, it existed. Second, it showcased the group’s charm, namely the joy of watching old friends laugh together. When they aren’t cooking up Hollywood’s weirdest elevator pitches, all three comedians are fathers. Samber has a daughter with singer Joanna Newsom, Taccone has a son with director Marielle Heller (who helmed the Fred Rogers–Tom Hanks joint A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood), and Schaffer has two kids with actor Liz Cackowski (known for playing Bill Hader’s wife in Forgetting Sarah Marshall).