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Cool Dad Job: Anchorman

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Dropping Patriot Act, Volume 4. Annoying tyrants.

As the host of Patriot Act, which is like 60 Minutes for people who are awake, Minhaj leverages his comedy skills and personal charisma to tell stories about hypocrisy and hold the powerful to account. At a time when the powerful and unscrupulous hide behind complexity, Minhaj offers clarity and righteous outrage. He also doesn’t engage in news chasing, which makes his work all the more powerful for its sustained relevance. Minhaj, who broke out with the stand-up special Homecoming King, seems like your buddy who just wants to play pick-up basketball and also like the guy that you wanted to be paired with on school projects. He’s smart, funny, hardworking, and maybe not someone you’d want to mess with. Just ask Saudi Arabia about it. When he’s not on his psychedelic stage, he’s at home with his wife, Beena Patel, a doctor who works with homeless patients, and their daughter.