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Cool Dad Job: Svengali

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Putting his finger in all of the pies.

In his role as Justin Bieber’s manager and spirit guide, Scooter Braun, 38, may be the most prominent and public surrogate father figure in America. And Bieber, now married and seemingly happy, has every reason in the world to listen when his dude passes down some advice. Braun helms Ithaca Holdings, which is valued at $800 million, SB Projects, School Boy Records, recently acquired Big Machine Label Group. He’s also making TV deals all over the place — including, no joke, a YA update of Anna Karenina while still looking after the interests of clients like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato and J. Balvin. Still, Braun makes time to help those in need. He worked hard to support the March for Our Lives movement and mobilized to help people suffering in the aftermath of storms in Houston, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Married to Fuck Cancer founder, Yael Cohen, he has two boys and a daughter and his hands full even at home. Could he be the next Shep Gordon? Maybe. He’s on his way.