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Cool Dad Job: America’s Little Brother

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Turning his Armchair Expert podcast into a phenomenon.

Dax Shepard is the youngest 44-year-old in America, but that doesn’t mean he’s immature. He’s just excitable. He wants to learn new things, an impulse that informs his compulsively listenable podcast, Armchair Expert, (witness him speaking to Dr. Steven Gundry about heart transplants), he wants to have fun (witness him chewing the scenery on the charming show Bless This Mess), and he wants to get weird (witness his IMDB page). So why is he on this business list? Along with his wife Kristen Bell, Shepard launched Hello Bello, an intentionally affordable baby line for Walmart the couple felt would resonate with people who shared their values but not their income status. Sure, it’s a celebrity product. But it’s a good celebrity product — one that comes from a personal place of kindness. After all, Shepard and Bell are in the thick of it. Their kids, Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 4, are at the center of everything they do.