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Cool Dad Job: Fashion Rasputin, Hollywood Conundrum

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Launching Tom Ford Research, a skin-care line for women who aren’t fucking around.

Justin Timberlake can run his mouth as much as he likes. Tom Ford brought sexy back one suit at a time, and then, as though he hadn’t done enough to make the world Gucci, doubled down by going Hollywood and screwing with our minds. What makes Ford so impressive is not his facility with, well, everything, but his ability to efficiently and entirely realize an idea. His first movie was nominated for an Oscar. Now, his first skin-care line looks destined to become a staple among those with enough money to invest aggressively in their epidermis. What is Ford going to do next? Hard to say, but his family will be a big part of it. In 2012, Ford and his partner, Richard Buckley, welcomed their son, Jack Alexander.