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Cool Dad Job: Tattoo Artist

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Convincing strangers to let him do what he wants to their bodies with the Whole Glory project.

A New Orleans native, Campbell, 42, was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist family, but yearned for something different. So he moved to New York, opened up Saved Tattoo, and gave Heath Ledger a tat of a bird. Today, he lives in Los Angeles with wife, Lake Bell, and two children, and inks the stars (Howard Stern, Robert Downey Jr.). The rest of the time he’s convincing strangers to put their hands through a hole and let him do his worst, which is pretty damn good. He’s a rebel, sure, but not a punk. Campbell is an outspoken feminist and father. “I improve myself for my children in ways I wouldn’t do for me,” he says. “Seeing myself through their eyes — it pushes me to do more and be more for them.”