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Cool Dad Job: Art Star

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Taming the hypebeasts.

Brian Donnelly picked the name KAWS as a nom de graffiti based solely on the loveliness of the letters together. And like all of his other projects, it just kind of works. Famous for his dead-eyed cartoon characters, KAWS is the man behind the must-have collaborations of the moment, notably that covetable Uniqlo x Sesame Street drop responsible for all those cool Elmo shirts you’ve been seeing on the street. This year he also floated his massive Companion Creature (think a dead Mickey Mouse) into Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor and sold a painting for $14.7 million. Things are, in short, going well. And they seem to be going well at home, too. The New Jersey native lives in Brooklyn with his wife, sculptor Joan Chiang, and two daughters, Sunny and Lee.