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Cool Dad Job: Actor

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Getting elected TV mayor of Los Angeles.

Best known for his role on Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and his stage work, Sadoski is one of the hardest-working actors in the game. He survived John Wick 2 (he’s the cop that knows better than to ask questions) and charmed America as Matt on Life in Pieces. Now, with that show ending, he’s set to take on a new role on the much-hyped Tommy, playing the mayor of Los Angeles. The role isn’t exactly a reach. A natural leader, Sadoski is as devoted to activism as he is to drama. The Tony winner works with the charity War Child and frequently speaks on behalf of both survivors of ISIS atrocities and, domestically, over-sentenced felons put away for nonviolent drug offenses. His goodness has not gone unrewarded. When the Texas-born actor isn’t working or volunteering, he goes home to a farm in the Catskills where he lives with wife, Amanda Seyfried, and their daughter.