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Cool Dad Job: Reddit Founder, Investor, Tennis Fan

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Penning a beautiful essay for The New York Times on the importance of paid family leave. 

Ohanian co-created Reddit, the front page of the Internet, when he was 22 years old. It was sold for millions just 16 months later. But Ohanian didn’t stop there. He launched breadpig, a social good platform, helped found the travel-site search engine Hipmunk, and the startup investment firm Das Kapital. A proud, vocal supporter of his wife, Serena Williams (yeah, that was him wearing a D.A.R.E shirt to troll her opponent Maria Sharapova during this year’s U.S. Open), Ohanian is a vocal advocate for family leave (specifically paternity leave, a massive issue) and an attentive father to his young daughter Alexis Olympia. For evidence, just check his Twitter feed, where he regularly posts about that #dadlife. This makes him the rare Silicon Valley success exposed as… a decent human being.