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Are You Ready For The Chicago Cubs Baby Boom In August 2017?

flickr / Benjamin Chan

There are tons of good reasons to make a baby. Because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Because you’re at a stable place financially and in your relationship. Because your cursed baseball team broke a 108-year losing streak. If you’re a Chicago Cubs fan, now you can only blame that billy goat on the celebratory baby you have on the way.

There’s a good amount of research to back up this potential Cubs baby boom. According to a 1998 study, men experience a flood of testosterone when their favorite sports teams win, which means a boost in sex drive, which could translate into another kid. Another study of soccer (or football) players in Spain found that after a last minute, game winning goal that moved Barcelona into the UEFA Champions League finals in 2009, the city’s birthrate went up by 16 percent 9 months later. And of course, there’s all those damn Super Bowl babies. In between all the understandable crying, Cubs fans likely had time to do the same.

Some sports fans celebrate like adults by going home and having sex with their partners, which is constructive alternative to lighting cars on fire. The Cubs winning the World Series was a big deal to a lot of people outside of Bill Murray, and 9 months from now there could be plenty of babies to confirm this. But how will you be able to tell them apart from all the election babies conceived a week later? Well, they’ll probably be named Theo.

[H/T] Inverse