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For The Price Of Your Current Home You Could Live In One Of These 6 Ridiculous Spreads

Ever look around your place and try to remember what it looked like before kids commandeered and populated every free scrap, corner, and crevice? And you know how you read real estate listings the same way you used to look at pornography, but you can’t pull the trigger on anything because getting the space you need means robbing a bank just to make a down payment? Well, here’s the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that, thanks a global economy that still hasn’t fully recovered from the 2009 financial crisis, you can actually get more space (way more space) than you realize for a price that won’t require your kids to stop eating. The bad news is you might need to get flexible with where you’re willing to relocate. But don’t over think that part of it — Slovenia actually has lovely summers.

jones island nova scotia

An Undeveloped Private Island
Located on the southern end of Nova Scotia, Jones Island will require some infrastructure, But don’t let that deter you — with floundering Canadian dollar, you should have plenty of cash left over from the initial purchase to build whatever you need. Or, if you have a few more bucks to spend, the folks at Private Islands Online (a real website!) have a patch in Fiji they want to show you.

[youtube expand=1]

A Medieval Castle
Presumed to be built in the 15th century by a wealthy Irish family, this historic, fully furnished, 3.4k-square-foot fortress has 4 floors, roof access, and an entrance hall with an “obligatory murder hole,” which is way more useful than it sounds.

A Grecian Villa
Will Greece pull out of it’s economic nosedive? Can it maintain its status as an EU member in good standing while in hock to the rest of the continent? If you’re pondering these questions from the deck of your 3,230-square-foot, 7 bed, 4 bath villa with views of the Kouloura Bay in Corfu, will you care?

Slovenian Hotel

A Slovenian Hotel
Sure, the sellers probably assume you want to keep operating this Slovenian hotel as the Balkan spa it was meant to be, because what family could possibly need 13 bedrooms? And therein lies the problem with Slovenians: they lack vision.

Kentucky Farm For Sale

The Whole Damn Farm
Tax free! This 27.6-acre property includes a house with a finished walkout basement, an amazing prairie view and a pool in the backyard. Plus, there’s a barn where you could drive cattle if you want, although that’s a job you already have due to kids insisting on being herd while you’re trying to steer.

The Village Of O Penso, Spain
$230,000 (negotiable)
A remote village on Spain’s northwest coast, O Penso boasts 6 houses, 3 barns, an orchard with peaches, figs, walnuts, apples, and pears, and a river teeming with trout. Forget about everyone getting their own bedroom, this way everyone gets their own building. And you thought your bathroom was the epitome of peace and quiet.

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