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Can Dads Be Cool?

Dude Turned Dad, Episode 10

Can dads be cool? With that question, Evan kicks off another soul-searching “Dude Turned Dad,” where he interrogates the idea of “cool dads.” What makes a cool dad? Is it even possible to be one, or does the mere idea of having offspring and being older mean that your days of being cool and interesting are behind you? Can you be a cool dad, and is it possible for Evan to be one?

What sent Evan on this “cool dad” spiral? Only the weirdest PSA of all-time. It’s’s collaboration with Hotel Transylvania in which two blobs are holding hands, one a father blob, the other a son blob. They also have a baseball bat and a baseball shoved inside of them. Evan wonders — is this how all dads look to the outside world? Like blobs?

Evan travels to Baltimore to ask his brother if he’s cool. He looks back to the past to figure out if he thought his dad was cool. Of course he did, at one point, but eventually his father waxed out of coolness and then back into coolness.

So Evan goes one step further. He interviews himself…kind of. He interviews Evan Kaufmann with two n’s, a film director in Austin, Texas, who meets all the cool dad criteria — cool job, cool hats, cool leather jacket, cool kids, cool wife, and a natural coolness.

Is it possible to be a cool dad? Evan thinks so. It means raising your kids, but also continuing to grow as a person and not losing sight of what it is you want to do with your life. You can still be cool, take care of yourself, but show up for your kids and be their hero too. Cool dads exist. And you can be one of them.