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How Did Your Kid’s Costume Stack Up To The Best From Fatherly’s Readers?

Aside from the tricks, the risk of candy overdose, or a general concern about it getting dark outside, the scariest part of being a parent on Halloween is the realization that kids are not always like farts. Sometimes you’re actually fans of them all, not just your own. It teaches you not to fear the reaper, even if that is a weirdly dark costume idea for a toddler, but also that all kids are at least a little cute.

If cute costumes are dad kryptonite even when you’re not dressed as Superman, you’re lucky you missed the following little killers on your route. Now that Halloween is over (and yet the candy lingers), it’s safe to look at some of the best kid’s costumes Fatherly’s readers shared with us, and take them for what they really are: Your kid’s competition next year.


Submitted by America Carlos


This picture features 11-year-old Camerik as an adorable Ewok — or Logray if your speak fluent Star Wars. If you don’t, Logray moonlights as a shaman, so he’ll make you.


Submitted by Ericka Hoffman

Custom Star Wars Spacecraft

If Ericka Hoffman’s kid lived on the same block as Camerik, these 2 would’ve had either a Great Galactic Conflict or a lifelong friendship. Let’s just leave Darth out of it.


Submitted by Keith Sandrock

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Submitted by Keith Sandrock, this is a great costume for parents who want to teach kids about another country while repeating “it’s not pizza,” over and over again.


Submitted by Mish Quadri

Storm Chaser

According to his mother, 8-year-old Zen has loved all things weather since he was 3. While he’s not old enough to chase real tornadoes yet, he’s old enough to appreciate how his model of Sean Casey’s TIV Tornado Intercept Vehicle protects him from Halloween rain (and eggs).


Submitted by Aris Dinglasan Suarez

Wonder Woman

Actually, her parents prefer Wonder Girl, so little Yannah doesn’t grow up to fast.


Submitted by Craig Cash


Combine with your spouses classic grapes get-up and as long as the sound doesn’t scare your kid, the whole family will be poppin … just like Craig Cash’s kid.

00 - Salad-Kid

Submitted by Erynn Elizabeth

Salad Kid

They say you are what you eat, but can you get your kid to dress as something they refuse to put near their mouth? Sure! As long as it’s Halloween and your kid asks to go as something “gross and silly” like Erynn Elizabeth’s 4-year-old did. Sadly it won’t make candy count as vegetables, but maybe next year.