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43 Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With ‘C’

From Charlie to Capri, this list has a baby girl name for everyone.

So you’ve decided on a C name, but ruled out the obvious ones. After all, your child is one in a million, so she should have a name as unique as she is. This list of unique baby girl names that start with ‘C’ includes up-and-coming trendy names like Capri and Cora; some throwbacks, like Carmen and Carol; and a few wild card ‘C’ names like Cici and Celeste. It also has a few traditionally masculine names, which tend to sound extra cute on baby girls, like Charlie or Carson. No matter what kind of ‘C’ name you imagine for your baby girl, this list has something for everyone. In the end, it’s about choosing the baby name that feels right, no matter the length, meaning, or what insults it rhymes with. Because once your baby is here, the name will take on a whole new world of meaning.

  1. Caely
  2. Caitlin
  3. Callie
  4. Calliope
  5. Cameron
  6. Camilla
  7. Camryn
  8. Candice
  9. Capri
  10. Cara
  11. Carina
  12. Carissa
  13. Carla
  14. Carly
  15. Carmen
  16. Carmine
  17. Carol
  18. Carson
  19. Cassidy
  20. Catherine
  21. Cari
  22. Casey
  23. Cassey
  24. Celeste
  25. Celia
  26. Cici
  27. Charity
  28. Charlie
  29. Charlotte
  30. Chelsea
  31. Cheryl
  32. Chiara
  33. Chloe
  34. Christal
  35. Christina
  36. Cian
  37. Ciara
  38. Clara
  39. Cleo
  40. Colleen
  41. Colette
  42. Cora
  43. Courtney