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A Year’s Worth of Fatherly Advice From Musicians, Authors, Artists, and Moguls


Some the world’s greatest creative minds offered more than just endless hours of listening, reading, and viewing pleasure this year. Fatherly asked guys who changed the game in hip hop, reinvented children’s books, and rocked out in front of thousands how they do the parenting thing. Guess what? You share a talent with them.

Bedtime Is “Question Time”
“After we’ve read, when the kids are going to bed, we do Question Time, which is an open forum. They can ask anything of me, and I can of them. It’s a very safe space, they’re in bed and comfortable. It’s amazing what comes out at that time. A lot of times it’s about some other kid who’s being a bully or something they’re thinking about sometimes. The questions are really profound, stuff you had no idea that they were contemplating: big questions about life and death and the universe and God.”
-Raul Gutierrez, CEO Of Tinybop

Play Some Hendrix
“My son was 2 or 3 and I was blasting ‘Voodoo Child‘ by Jimi Hendrix. He comes running in the room says, ‘Daddy! Daaady! … I love this music!!’ Job? Done.”
Ben Harper, Grammy-Winning Musician

Be Honest (Even About Your Kinky Sex Life)
“What I came to realize is that I’m not ashamed. I’m having better sex than all your friends’ parents, so I’m not going to f—ing apologize because I have a funner sex life. What should I apologize for? Your parents have sex once a month — you’re weird!”
Fat Mike, Frontman For NOFX

Play Rough
“We do a lot of wrestling in our house. I will have the boys on one team against me as kind of a sneaky way to build a bond and camaraderie between them. Last night, they were pummeling me: One was beating my head, and another would try to push me off the bed. That’s a typical evening.”
Guy Raz, Host Of NPR’s TED Radio Hour

Feed Them Well
“They really appreciate it when I cook. They love my collard greens, jerk chicken — they love all my food. And they’ve got rich blood, so I’m not just taking them to Red Lobster — I’m gon’ go buy some crab legs. We gon’ ball! We gon’ do it the right way.”
Rico Wade, Organized Noize Productions

Lie About What You Do
“I’d always make up a story on the way back home from work. [My son] didn’t really understand what it was I did, so there wasn’t a point of describing my day. So I used to make it up. It was a nice way to reconnect because it made him laugh.”
David Cadji Newby, Author And Founding Partner Of Lost My Name

Subtly Influence Their Taste In Music
“I plan on making him some fantastic playlists, finding ways to connect what he likes to what I like, and vice versa, so we can have that connection together. If he likes A$AP Rocky, I would make a playlist with some Rocky songs and maybe a Rocky song featuring Raekwon. Then, throw in some Wu-Tang songs so he can see the influence. And then, maybe some original samples of both artists, so he can gain an appreciation for all types of music and inspiration.”
DJ Mick

Always Photograph Their ‘Better Side’
“Look at your child’s face and figure out the best angle to shoot them. Everyone has a ‘better side,’ and here’s an easy formula: 90 percent of the time, it’s their left side. I’ve read a study explaining why and didn’t understand it exactly, but it has to do with the left brain and the right brain. Try it — look at 10 people and see how many of them look better from the left side.”
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Portrait Photographer And Documentarian

Save Screen Time For Emergencies
“[My daughter] doesn’t get to watch TV often at home, so it’s a special treat. I don’t know how that would work for someone who lets their kid watch a lot of TV, but she is completely fine [on the plane]. It never fails.”
Pasquale Rotella, founder of EDM production company Insomniac

Let Kids Pick The Soundtrack
“We play a lot of blues at home. We have a record player, so it’s a ritual, right before dinner, ‘Aiden, go pick a record.’ There are hundreds of records, and it’s cool to see him sort through the crates and pick something out for whatever reason and let it spin. Whenever there’s blues playing, I’ll say, ‘Who is this?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘This is Howlin’ Wolf, you can tell from this certain thing in his voice. Here’s Muddy Waters, here’s Robert Johnson.”
G. Love, Musician

Bookmark These Books
“Anything by Shel Silverstein or Roald Dahl, I Love You Forever is a tearjerker, The Giving Tree is classic. The repetition of the Richard Scarry books. The Little Miss and Mr. series, you can play, “Which one are you most like?” Spring Is Here by Taro Gomi is beautiful. Dr. Seuss is classic, but hard to read if you’re not a rhythmic person. You don’t realize — his words are insane. It’s made-up gibberish, and it rhymes!”
Dallas Clayton, Author Of An Awesome Book



Realize It Takes A Village (Or Roc Nation)
“We’re going to parent each other’s kids because we’re family. If my son is doing something and Jay or [Roc Nation cofounder] Jay Brown or any of the guys see it, they don’t wait for me to explain the situation that just happened. They’ll just handle it.”
Ty Ty Smith, Co-founder of Jay Z’s Roc Nation