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What I Told My 5-Year-Old When He Asked Where Babies Come From

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What did you tell your little kid when they asked how they were born?

I was a little surprised when my 5-year-old son asked me this question one day. But when you have kids you tend to expect that, sooner or later, this question will come up.

It so happened that it came up one afternoon when we were at the park.

I had thought about how I might answer the question for some time before it was asked. Some of my friends had picture books for children to help facilitate the discussion. I thought those might be useful, but apparently people have been explaining this process to children for dozens of years, and I figured, as a somewhat educated person, I would be able to answer it without damaging the child.

So, I asked my son to sit next to me on a bench under an oak tree, near a large tranquil pond. Waterfowl swam serenely across the surface. I thought myself fortunate that the setting for such a serious conversation presented itself. I also thought my son would remember this discussion for the rest of his life.

He sat next to me, and I turned toward him. His large innocent brown eyes anticipated the answer to his question.

I said, “Greg. Ask your mother.”

Then I asked him if he wanted some ice cream.

I know. I know.

Rick Bruno is a father to 4 sons. Read more from Quora below: