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How Outdated Gender Dynamics At The Office Make It Harder For All Working Parents

This video was produced with our partners at Plum Organics®.

You know the challenges working parents face, because you’re a parent and you work. You know that it’s cool to trade stories with coworkers about a toddler’s hilarious grammatical error or a pre-teen’s Mensa-level LEGO skills, but missing a meeting to attend a dance recital? Blowing a deadline because your kid is struggling in school? Real talk, about real issues that real parents face, trying to meet the demands family and a career at the same time? That’s practically NSFW.

[youtube expand=1]

Anne-Marie Slaughter is the President of New America, a public policy think tank, and the author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” one of the most influential essays ever written on gender dynamics in the workplace. Slaughter is among the most persuasive advocates for working parents in the country, and her innovative ideas on how we can improve our work culture aren’t just inspiring — they’re practical, realistic, and achievable.

This video was produced with our partners at Plum Organics® , the nation’s no. 1 organic baby food brand and creators of #ParentingUnfiltered, an award-winning campaign about the realities of parenting – the good, the bad and the downright smelly. Because Plum Organics believes by revealing our true experiences as parents, we open ourselves up to solutions that make life more amazing. See more about how parents work here.