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An EU Judge Just Ruled That Companies Should Pay Employees For Their Commute Time

The fact that you find time spent between home and work to be second only to your morning constitutional on your list of quality “me time” moments does not make your a horrible parent. In fact, a European judge has weighed in on the value of commuting and determined that you should be paid for listening to what you want, yelling at people who annoy you, and driving without a director’s commentary from the passenger seat.

As if the 4-day work weeks, mandatory month of vacation, or year-long parental leave policies enjoyed by many EU workers weren’t enough to have you checking real estate prices on the continent, a report from Quartz details a recent decision from an EU judge who ruled that the time employees spend going to and from work should be compensated by their employers. The decision regards a case brought against a home security firm that shut down regional offices, forcing its employees to commute from home directly to jobs But it’s based on what’s called the “working time directive,” meant to bar EU employees from being forced to work over 48 hours a week, which is … you know … How good are those schools in Finland, again?

[youtube expand=1]

Of course, the EU is often a leader on labor issues and, unless Netflix decides to start paying its employees for their commutes, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath on a similar ruling in your state. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still cherish your commute, even if your boss doesn’t pay for it. That Taylor Swift CD your daughter left in the car isn’t going to sing along with itself, right?