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While Shooting A Book About Moms, This Photographer Captured Amazing Images Of Her Husband And Son

Chances are high that you’ve seen photographer Ali Smith‘s work. She’s been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Cosmo, Time Out and on the cover of The Onion as the “Hot Rock-And-Roll Chick” who was “Totally Married.” Of course, her other claim to fame is a series of fantastic portraits about modern motherhood called Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives. Gloria Steinham loves it. Your wife will love it. You may even love it.

But while Smith was taking photos of all these moms, she was also getting some deeply intimate shots of her own family. Below, she talks about how she captured the growing relationship between her photographer husband Joshua and their son.

Elevator, Ali SmithElevatorAli Smith

“We were in the elevator after our annual outing to the vintage tile store, where Joshua buys me antique tiles every year for our anniversary. It was a late trip and H was pooped. I just love how close they are and that there’s no physical barrier between them showing affection to each other.”

Bed with Daddy, Ali SmithBed With DaddyAli Smith

“Often when Joshua puts H to bed, he drifts off as well and emerges 30 minutes later bleary eyed. If we both knew what was good for us, we’d just go to sleep when he does and get 10 hours. But we don’t.”

Inner TubeInner TubeAli Smith

“In full small-town urban style, we set up a mini pool in my mom’s backyard in the heat of summer. Joshua is trying to enjoy a beer while H lassos him with an inner tube. It speaks to how much madness there is when you have a kid. How the simplest things can become both totally difficult and totally, wonderfully fun.”

Italy, Ali SmithItalyAli Smith

“We were on the beach in Vernazza, Italy. It was an incredible break for the 3 of us on our own. The colors of the buildings are amazing. It’s out of another time. Only in a place like that are you able to daydream while your kid plays in the sand instead of hovering over them all the time. Freedom for both of you.”

Katz's, Ali SmithKatz’sAli Smith

“As a native New Yorker, Katz’s means a lot to me. And the light bouncing around Ludlow St. in the late afternoon summer was really warm and gorgeous.”

Striped Light, Ali SmithStriped LightAli Smith

“We were visiting friends in the countryside. it was a lazy day. H was upset about something and Joshua was comforting him. I loved the light through the blinds.”

Beach Chaos, Ali SmithBeach ChaosAli Smith

“At the shore in Rhode Island. The boys creating havoc at the end of the day.”

Brighton Beach, Ali SmithBrighton BeachAli Smith

“It was a blisteringly freezing cold day on Brighton Beach. But the light was nice..”

Italy At Night, Ali SmithItaly At NightAli Smith

“It was very late at night. We’d been kept up in this small town by a pirate festival that went until the wee hours. H was a trooper but it got the best of him. He clings to his daddy which breaks my heart.”