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5 Facts About Parenting You Won’t Learn From Your Friend’s Social Feed

The following article has been produced with our partners at Plum Organics.

There’s no parenting instruction manual, but there is a parenting stock photo album — it’s called your Facebook feed, where all your friends’ kids are giggling, well adjusted, and developing right on schedule. But you (and your friends) know that’s a bigger load than your kid’s last diaper blowout.

Plum Organics, purveyors of the wildly popular organic baby, toddler, and kids food products, wants to help make social feeds everywhere a little more real. It’s asking parents to embrace the myriad challenges of raising kids and share their experiences online using #ParentingUnfiltered and #UnfilteredFriday. The goal is to foster a community that celebrates an honest depiction of parenting — the good, the bad, and the “nobody told me bodily fluids could do that.”

To that end, here are 5 facts that expose a few unexpected truths about parenting. Share them along with that picture of your kid buried under your wardrobe after they pulled the closet curtain rod straight out of the wall.

Photo courtesy of Plum Organics

There are 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and when they go to college.
Somehow, putting a number on it makes each one seem way more real. Remember that next weekend when you’re driving in circles looking for parking at the grocery store while they scream in the backseat.

During the first year, the average baby cries for 912 hours.
Finally, a measurement you can hope your kid underperforms in.

A study published by The Journal Of The American Medical Association concluded that 10-percent of fathers can suffer from prenatal and postpartum depression.
However, that’s quickly replaced by red-eyed delirium, which has the upside of making everything funny.

Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight.
This is important to know when choosing a professional sport to steer your kid toward, so they can pay for your retirement.

By 2030, a year of tuition at a private college will cost $130,000.
But you won’t have to worry about that after you successfully determine the perfect sport based on Fact #4, because your kid is going on a full ride for soccer/gymnastics/quidditch. Well played.

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To revel in the real with other parents who know your pain and joy (also known as all of them), head to or join the conversation with Plum Organics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram with #ParentingUnfiltered and #UnfilteredFriday.