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45. Zappos: 50 Best Places To Work For New Dads

45. Zappos
This online shoe and clothing store was so good at being affordable, reliable, and ubiquitous that most affordable, reliable, and ubiquitous retailer of them all — Amazon — got a crush on Zappos and bought it in 2009.

  • Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV
  • Number Of Employees: 1,500
  • Paid Paternity Leave: 1 week
  • Industry: Retail

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • Zappos employs a full-time, certified life coach who’s available for one-on-one consultations about establishing and meeting career or personal goals. Not that you need one (but it’s nice to know it’s there).
  • The company’s quirky culture has a money-back guarantee; if you go to work at Zappos and find yourself annoyed with the liberal use of the letter “Z” and the occasional use of camels to promote Wednesdays, you’ll receive one month of compensation when you quit. (It claims less than 2 percent of employees take the company up on the offer.)

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