3 Reasons I Don’t Think You’re A Horrible Parent For Throwing A ‘No Presents’ Birthday Party

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What does “No gifts please” really mean for a child’s birthday party?

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The kid in us can be offended by the sight of this on an invitation: “Why don’t you just cancel Christmas while you’re at it!?” But, as a parent, I get it.

Here are some legit reasons why the parents may be doing a gift free birthday party.

There Is No Vacancy On The Old Toy Shelf
Editing down a toy closet can be like the parenting equivalent of The Hundred Years War. Adding more toys only further disables the parents defenses.

Their Kid Is Lacking In The Social Graces Department
Listen, if they are under the age of 25, this is a very likely scenario, but especially any kid under 8. They may be trying to avoid an embarrassing response to a “less than stellar” gift choice filled with good intentions, but no batteries.

Eliminate The Hassle
It can be tough to get a gift right. That’s why there are gift receipts. It’s your way of acknowledging that your gift may very well suck. Gift receipts mean a trip to the toy store, and with kids in tow, it’s about as smart as bringing a chronic gambler to a horse track for the happy hour lunch special.

The solution? Going to the toy store on your own, exchanging the item, and bringing a replacement that may very well suck. No thanks.

Maybe you’ve got a thing for all wooden toys, or despise action figures with laser guys, or removable clothing, or both. In some cases you may have leveraged the small to medium scale gifts in exchange for one big one. Suffice to say, as weird as it may seem, there’s a non-crazy explanation for the no-gift invite.

Even if it makes Geoffrey The Giraffe cry a little.

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