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19. Rackspace Hosting: 50 Best Places To Work For New Dads

19. Rackspace
A cloud and dedicated server company that designs, builds, and manages computing solutions for companies. Rackspace differentiates itself from other server companies through Fanatical Support — literally. They actually trademarked the term “Fanatical Support.”

  • Headquarters: San Antonio, TX
  • Number Of Employees: 5,936
  • Paid Paternity Leave: 2 weeks (fully paid), 2 weeks (paid at 70 percent)
  • Industry: Tech

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • After a year of employment, you’ll get 27 days off between vacation and holidays.
  • Employees receive a $250 monthly credit toward the company’s cloud products so you can back up all 395 gigs of baby photos onto Rackspace’s servers.

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