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Cool Dad Job: Fashion Director, Louis Vuitton Menswear

Cool Dad Vibe: Streetwear Intellectual

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Virgil Abloh has degrees in civil engineering and architecture, but he’s not on this list for designing bridges or buildings. He’s on this list because you’ve seen his clothing on trendsetters and his shoes on every hypebeast in New York and Los Angeles. A fruitful partnership with Kanye West, whom Abloh met (very much on purpose) at a screen printing business has led to a Grammy for the Watch the Throne album cover, a gig leading West’s design agency, the launch of his own fashion house, Off-White, and, now, a plum gig at Louis Vuitton. Abloh has now relocated his family to Paris, but they still maintain a house outside of Chicago near where he and his wife, whom he first met in high school, grew up. He has two children, a daughter named Lowe and a son named Grey (off-white indeed).