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Cool Dad Job: Rapper

Cool Dad Vibe: Sunglasses at Night

Cool Dad Bona Fides: No squeamish prude, Ty Dolla Sign rose to fame on the strength of his lascivious boasting, impeccable flow, and musicianship. He came by his skills rightly. His father, Tyron Griffin, was part of seminal funk band Lakeside. A SoCal kid, Ty — real name Tyron William Griffin Jr. — grew up ingesting not only hip hop but jazz, punk, and ska. All make appearances, often under fairly outré lyrics in hits like “So Am I” and “Paranoid.” At age 20, Ty became a father to Jailynn Griffin. Though he soon split up with the girl’s mother, his daughter now 13, remains a large part of his chaotic life. Though he’s faced criticism in the wake of recent drug charges, the way he has married a wild public persona with a positive relationship with his kid is extremely admirable. Jailynn frequently appears on the red carpet and the radio with her dad. She seems great.