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Cool Dad Job: Actor, Artist

Cool Dad Vibe: Lots of Eye Contact

Cool Dad Bona Fides: The “Golden Age of TV” is also the age of TV glut. There are so many prestige shows it’s impossible to keep track and so many indelible performances, it’s easy to forget most of them. What makes Welliver stand out in Bosch, the detective drama entering its fifth season on Amazon Prime? He’s good at acting. Seriously. It’s that simple. Before starting on the show, Welliver had been something of a journeyman actor with supporting roles on Lost, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife and every movie Ben Affleck has every directed. Given the chance at a starring role, Welliver has sharpened his teeth and given a genuinely risky performance on a somewhat formulaic show. He makes it work while also making his home life work for his daughter Cora and two sons, Eamonn and Quinn. Oh, and he’s a really good painter. Not celebrity good. Good.