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Cool Dad Job: Comedian, Host

Cool Dad Vibe: Authentic

Cool Dad Bona Fides: The Kid Mero has made a career — a very successful one of late — being himself. As one half of the comedy duo Desus and Mero, with his buddy Desus Nice, he’s embraced his Dominican-by-way-of-the-Bronx heritage without being a stereotype or, let’s be real, predictable on any level. After starting his career in internet wilds while working as a school aide in a Bronx public school, Mero was offered a Viceland show that became a hit. Now he and Desus are heading to Showtime, where they’ll be the two non-white guys hosting a late night show. Mero is sharing his success with his wife Heather Martinez, who is a teacher, his three sons, and his daughter. Mero has left the Bronx for the suburbs, but he goes back all the time.