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Cool Dad Job: Adventurer, Activist, Photographer

Cool Dad Vibe: Woke Magellan

Cool Dad Bona Fides: The fact that Sebastian Copeland knows Daryl Hall and John Oates probably won’t register as cool at any point for his two daughters, both currently under the age of five. They won’t remember their dad for his former jet-setting career as music video director and fashion photographer. Instead they’ll likely know him for the truly epic explorer he’s become. For a taste: Copeland has kite-skied across Greenland in 43 days, became the first person to cross Antarctica from east-to-west by foot (that’s 2,500 miles), set a record for crossing Australia’s Simpson Desert unassisted, and retraced Admiral Robert Peary’s trek to the North Pole. While exploring the most remote places on Earth, Copeland captures a world in change, offering up impactful images of our fragile planet with books like Arctica: The Vanishing North), documentaries like Into the Cold, and lectures that draw large audiences he hopes to turn into “badass eco-warriors,” just like his daughters will probably be.