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Cool Dad Job: Hotelier

Cool Dad Vibe: Laidback Tastemaker

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Both his parents were surfers and MacPherson spent his childhood traveling around the world with his mom. He still brings something beachy to his work as a hotelier and restaurateur as anyone who has ever visited the Waverly Inn, the Bowery, the Ludlow, or the Chelsea Hotel well knows. MacPherson lives in the West Village, but spends a lot of his time at his surf shack-inspired home in Montauk, keeping family traditions alive. With his wife, who co-founded the high society site Guest of a Guest, MacPherson forms half of what might be New York City’s most dashing power couple. But it’s actually a power quad. The MacPhersons have two sons, Maxwell and Dashiell, who accompany them on their travels around the city and around the world.