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Cool Dad Job: Founder and Executive Director, Design Museum Foundation

Cool Dad Vibe: Artsy Red Sox Fan

Cool Dad Bona Fides: When they want to start a museum, most people focus on getting a building and filling it with stuff. Sam Aquillano wasn’t satisfied with the conventional way of doing things. As a professional industrial designer, he was used to reimagining and recreating everyday items, so he decided to strike out on his own and recreate the design museum. The founder of the Design Museum Foundation believes that, because design is everywhere, design museums should be everywhere. The DMF is a network of city-based, nomadic museums designed to educate and inspire people. For example, an exhibition called “Design for Dining” is currently being staged at seven restaurants in Boston, each with a “dining experience” designed by one of seven firms. When Massachusetts-based Aquillano isn’t on the job, he’s taking his young daughter on adventures and working in the family garden.