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Cool Dad Job: Standup Comedian and Daily Show Correspondent

Cool Dad Vibe: Fun and Funny

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Roy Wood, Jr. doesn’t have a schtick. He has an on-stage persona that feels increasingly real and fleshed out as he becomes better known. Wood’s laconic southern delivery — he grew up in Alabama — gives way to incisive takes. He cuts through absurdity with extreme prejudice and faces down real prejudice with extreme absurdity. “A lot of people just straight up don’t know what it’s like, you gotta educate them,” he says of the ignorant in Father Figure, a recent stand-up special. He’s right and he’s working on it. He’s also raising a family. Wood lives in Hell’s Kitchen with his girlfriend, Salone Monet, and their two-year-old son, who is already making his way into Wood’s act. Father Figure features dad pondering how to explain a world filled with Confederate statues and $9 smoothies. We don’t know the answer, but Wood is gonna figure it out.