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Cool Dad Job: Comedian

Cool Dad Vibe: Gonna Get the Last Laugh

Cool Dad Bona Fides: It’s too easy to miss the talented, and supremely cool comedian, Rory Scovel. Sure, he has his own stand-up special on Netflix (Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up For the First Time); has been featured on Conan an impressive eight times; and has even recorded an album with Jack White’s exclusive label Third Man Records (naturally, it’s only available on vinyl). But it might be so easy to miss him because his persona, on and off the stage, is a laid-back dad, the kind who genuinely loves what he does and who he surrounds himself with. Scovel lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Jordan Boughrum Scovel, and their daughter, Elliot who was born in in 2015. Both make regular appearances on his Instagram, often in the form of earnest expressions of love for them while on tour. (Clearly, it’s more for his family than for any of the funny man’s followers.) He crushes packed theaters throughout the country, openly acknowledges that his overwhelming love for his daughter brings him to tears, and still makes time to goof off with the love of his life.