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Cool Dad Job: Actor

Cool Dad Vibe: Pretending Not To Be Cool

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Even if you’ve never seen Fresh Off the Boat, odds are you’ve seen Randall Park before. Before starring in the ABC series, he spent years stealing scenes on television and in movies. Fresh is a huge hit in large part because of Park’s aggressive approach to inhabiting his character and willingness to draw on his own personal experiences. Park, who grew up in the Korean American community of Western Los Angeles and received degrees in English and Asian American Studies from UCLA, where he co-founded an Asian American theater company, pokes fun at his people without ever belittling anyone. Park is married to actress Jae Suh Park and lives in the San Fernando Valley with her and their daughter Ruby. And while we’re sure he’s proud of his work on Fresh Off the Boat, our best guess for his favorite project is Baby Mentalist, a comedy web series written by Park that stars Ruby as a crime-fighting baby. Can’t recommend it enough.