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Cool Dad Job: NYU Law Faculty Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Podcaster

Cool Dad Vibe: Tough Moralist

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Preet Bharara has long been known for being an outspoken and aggressive prosecutor of Wall Street corruption and white-collar crime. During his tenure as the Attorney for the Southern District of New York, he went after insider trading, the Madoff scheme and worked on Russian money laundering, cybercrime, and terrorism prosecution. Although he worked in the Southern District for almost a decade, his most high-profile act may have been the way he exited his office: shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered all 46 Obama-appointed Attorneys to step down, Bharara refused, and was subsequently fired. Since then, he’s taken to being an outspoken critic of the administration both on his podcast and on his Twitter feed. Along with his wife Dalya, Bharara has three school-aged children, with whom marched at the March For Our Lives and supported in subsequent school walkouts to fight for gun control. He also seems like the type of dude who could sniff out just a whiff of a lie, which probably makes him a very good dad.