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Cool Dad Job: Founder, Brooklyn Bowl

Cool Dad Vibe: Stoner Chic

Cool Dad Bona Fides: If there’s one thing Peter Shapiro knows how to do is how to put on a good show. Before he had kids, the 45-year-old ran Wetlands, one of New York’s most legendary clubs. Now a dad, Shapiro presides over Rock and Roll Playhouse, a rapidly expanding concert concern in which real musicians play real songs in real venues for kids and their parents. From his office in downtown Manhattan Shapiro explains, “History matters. A real sound system with a real sound system as opposed to a gymnasium or a synagogue, matters. An air of a venue is different than a park or school.” Now, the Playhouse is spreading across America. From Billy Joel to Phish to Bob Marley, his concerts appeal equally to parents and their kids. Thanks to Shapiro and his partner in the project, executive director Amy Striem, kids get to build their gross motor skills in a series of pedagogically sound exercises. Meanwhile, Dads get to rock out to sweet solos and relive their glory days.