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Cool Dad Job: Actor, Comedian, Producer, Podcast Host

Cool Dad Vibe: Self-Aware Theater Kid

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Paul Scheer is obviously whip-smart, but he’s also an insanely talented polymath. After getting his start in the short-lived MTV sketch series Human Giant, the UCB-alum found fame as perpetually put down plastic surgeon Andre on FX’s The League. He’s worked seemingly non-stop ever since: writing, producing, and acting in some of the best offbeat shows and movies of the past decade (Children’s Hospital, Fresh Off the Boat, Veep, and The Disaster Artist) and regularly performing in acclaimed improv shows around the country. He’s also written a few Marvel comic books and, alongside his wife June Diane Raphael, hosts the hit movie podcast “How Did This Get Made?” You feeling busy? Scheer is doing all that, in addition to being a dad. Here’s what he told about raising kids: “Your entire life will change. But it’s the fucking best and it just gets better and better. Also, your wife is always right.”