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Cool Dad Job: Retired NFL Tight End, All-Purpose Creative Dude

Cool Dad Vibe: Fun Weirdo

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Martellus Bennett put together an impressive 10-year career as a tight end in the NFL. He had more than 4,500 yards receiving, caught 30 touchdowns and won the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. But there’s a lot more to Bennett than his pass-catching abilities., Since retiring in 2017, he launched his own production company, The Imagination Agency, and has authored multiple kids books, including Hey AJ, It’s Bedtime!, which came out earlier this year and is inspired by his four-year-old daughter. As a parent, Bennett told Fatherly, “I see a lot of things in my daughter that I see in myself, so I’ll always just let her be who she is. I think that’s the most courteous thing we can do for someone: Allow them to be themselves.”