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Cool Dad Job: Musician, Composer

Cool Dad Vibe: Deep Cut King

Cool Dad Bona Fides: If you still imagine Mark Mothersbaugh wearing a yellow jumpsuit and his red Devo “energy dome” hat, you’re thinking about the right guy the wrong way. Since “Whip It,” Mothersbaugh has been working steadily as a composer for film, TV, and video games. His work has been uniformly excellent — witness 2018’s weirdly excellent Pandas or next year’s Lego Movie 2 — but not at all uniform: The guy wrote the Rugrats theme song, the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack, and the original scores to most of Wes Anderson movies. When he’s not making unique professional choices, Mothersbaugh is raising his daughters Mai Li Margaret and Hui Hui Hope, both of whom he adopted from China after they were abandoned by their parents while the “One-Child Policy” was in effect.