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Cool Dad Job: Actor

Cool Dad Vibe: Magnetic Goofball

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Lakeith Stanfield won an Independent Spirit Award for his starring role as a troubled teen in Short Term 12. But he really became a household name thanks to his roles as Darius in Atlanta, Andrew Logan King in Get Out, and Cassius “Cash” Greene in Sorry to Bother You, all movies and shows which have been critical darlings and commercial successes. Stanfield brings a trippy realness to all of his roles — his characters who seem to exist on a bit of a slant in the best way possible (So do his words: he also writes poetry and raps). He recently welcomed his first child with his partner, Xosha Roquemore. Good luck figuring out anything else on that, tough — Lakeith is famously close to the chest about his kid and refuses to discuss it any further. His insistence on separating his personal and professional lives makes him a protective father in the public sphere.