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Cool Dad Job: Founder and Designer, Gourmet

Cool Dad Vibe: Design God

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Buscemi’s entire career trajectory reads like the plot of an inspiring movie. He had a cushy job in investment banking but it wasn’t what he was truly passionate about. So he gave up this lucrative gig to pursue his passion for sneakers and landed a job at DC Shoes, then Lotto, then a role as Brand Director at Oliver Peoples. Up next: striking out on his own with Gourmet, a men’s casual footwear brand, and then his own eponymous line of handmade, luxury sneakers. Buscemi’s hard work and laser sharp instincts have earned him a fanbase in the upper echelons of music and sports, creating huge demand for his designs. Buscemi is much more than a rising star in the sneaker game, he’s also a family man, as he is happily married and raising a son we can only assume has the best kicks on the schoolyard. Lastly, while this didn’t earn him a spot on the list, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Jon’s cousin is beloved character actor Steve Buscemi.