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Cool Dad Job: Action Hero

Cool Dad Vibe: Tough Hippie

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Jason Momoa has carved a career out of playing the type of guy who can take down a bear or band of warriors with little more than bicep flex. As Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones’ doomed Dothraki chieftain, he was the epitome of ancient savagery; as Justice League’s trident-brandishing Aquaman, he’s a reluctant hero with the brash cool of an adrenaline junkie. Both characters are, like Momoa, a little bit wild. Momoa, who was born in Hawaii, raised in middle America, and periodically peripatetic brings a unique sensibility to his parenting: The father of two boys, he prides himself on raising “feral” kids who feel at home in the woods and know how to sew and climb and skate. To him, fatherhood is a dynamite supporting role in a blockbuster adventure. Sounds about right.