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Cool Dad Job: Creative Director at Kenzo

Cool Dad Vibe: New York Eccentric

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Humberto Leon’s name has a grandiose, larger-than-life quality that suits his status as half of one of the most dominant (non-romantic) power couples in fashion. Leon and Carol Lim founded Opening Ceremony in New York in 2001. While nominally a store, Opening Ceremony is better thought of as a rotating, curated collection. It’s such a fascinating spot that, a decade after it opened, Leon and Lim were named co-creative directors for French luxury fashion house Kenzo. The brand had been on the decline, but Leon and Lim brought a new energy and (with some help from celebrity friends like Spike Jonze) and revitalized it at speed. Leon and his partner, musician Patrick Wilson, have twin daughters, Emi Leon-Wilson and Mazzarine Leon-Wilson. On their first Father’s Day as parents, they wrote a blog for Opening Ceremony that ended with a sentence worth reading: “We both had always dreamed of being dads, but never really thought we’d be able to make it a reality.” They did. Thank goodness.