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Cool Dad Job: Writer; Host, “The Splendid Table”

Cool Dad Vibe: Knows where the best version of every food is

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Francis Lam was born to immigrant parents who worked 12-hour days at a garment factory they started in Chinatown. Lam grew up commuting between the very American world of his school and the traditional Cantonese-speaking world of his family. He disappointed his parents by not choosing business or medical school, instead enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America to follow his passion for food. After some of the lengthy food-focused emails he wrote his friends ended up in the inbox of a Financial Times editor, his began his career as a food writer. Today, Lam hosts the influential “The Splendid Table” for American Public Media. He is also the editor-at-large at cookbook publisher Clarkson Potter. He’s a renaissance man in the food industry, using his power to promote the people and ideas he finds exciting. Then he goes home and cooks for his wife Christine and his daughter. “There is no greater joy than watching her eat,” says Lam of his little girl.