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Cool Dad Job: Chef, Le Bernardin

Cool Dad Vibe: Exacting

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Eric Ripert, one of New York’s most lauded French chefs, runs a tight ship at Le Bernardin, his three-Michelin-star temple to fine dining. But as a devout Buddhist, Ripert tries to maintain a balance too. He tries to live his life as the Buddha advised, “not too loose or too tight.” A few years ago, as he recently told Fatherly, Ripert realized he needed to compartmentalize and how the chef divides his life into thirds. One-third of his time and energy is spent at the restaurant; a third is spent on himself and a third is spent with his family, which includes his wife Sandra and their teenage son, Adrien. “If you don’t have a clear vision and create guidelines and of course maintain a certain discipline,” he says, “you cannot really be very efficient or realize what’s good for your family or yourself or work.” From the looks of it, he’s doing it all right.